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Good Leadership

Good Leadership in Today's Society

Sir Winston Churchill
Bill Gates
Dame Anita Roddick
Monash, an Australian Leader
Good Leadership in Today's Society

Important tips to improving leadership


The following paper, specifies common areas where leaders can improve their leadership skills. By Joanna Hanf.

Good Leadership in Today’s society


A good leader must demonstrate the ability to motivate employees/ followers. It is human nature to loose interest in a cause, if constant guidance and incentives are not set. Motivation should not be illustrated through fear, meaning that a leader should not threaten a follower to improve their performance- in order to keep their job. This may improve production short term, but the long term goals of good leadership will not be reached.

New challenges are a great way to keep followers interested in the goal. If a follower find difficulties in the new tasks then a good leader should guide them towards the solution- without giving the answer straight away. This may also result in a better solution being thought of to that of the original one of the leader.

This concept increases the individual’s self- esteem and will reflect in the ability to be motivated.


Communication is one of the most important key elements of leadership. Good communication skills need to be learned to effectively become a good leader. Followers and subordinates need clarity in what the goals the group is trying to achieve.


A good leader must show innovation, through various ways of dealing with problems/ issues. There is not always a correct answer- but there are always different ways of dealing with situations. Leaders must also encourage their followers to be innovative and to use their initiative. A workplace/ situation can become very dull and boring if workers are always delegated jobs in a restricting fashion. Followers can give helpful feedback and generate new ideas for the group.


By continuously learning about ways to deal with people, a good leader can become an even better one. This can be achieved through reading and researching as well as taking practicals. Through observing leaders in different environments, new strategies and ways of guiding others can become more prevalent.

A leader can become comfortable in an environment and may start to neglect areas of improvement.

The more a leader is able to continually evaluate themselves, the more the leader will be able to keep up with evolving times.Teamwork

A good leader is able to put themselves into the team and make every member feel an equal position within the group.


Leaders are continuously working on being strategic, in order to reach goals. Followers admire leaders who reach goals and are able to lead others into success or fulfilment. It is important for a leader to be able to guide others, through both difficult and successful occasions.

It is important for good leaders to be tactical, to be ‘bottom-line oriented and extraordinarily committed to results’. By being creative in the tactics that they illustrate- a leader can persuade and attract followers to work together for the particular cause.